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Health & Safety Policy COVID 19 (July 2020)

The steps Finishing Touches will take to ensure the safety of our clients and ourselves during covid-19 

  • Upon entry to the building we may ask you to take a voluntary, non-contact temperature check, we will also provide you with our results at your request.
  • Where necessary Alcohol gel and disinfected gowns will be provided to all clients and must be worn.
  • No waiting areas. Please arrive at the specific appointment time, only the person having an appointment may attend, unless a child under 12.

  • Please check-in at reception.

  • We are unable to accept any form of cash/cheque payment. Appointments can be pre-paid online, otherwise, payments must be made my card, gift card or bank transfer.

  • We will maintain a 1m plus distance between each client.

  • Where possible we have installed perspex screens at treatment stations and have face shields available for our staff to use while moving through the building.

  • Staff will wear gloves throughout your treatment where necessary.

  • Extra time will be allowed between appointments to ensure each station is thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and sanitised between appointments.

  • Refreshments will be provided but will be kept to one glass/cup per customer.

  • Colour charts will be available and therapists will bring your chosen shade to you.

  • WC will be locked and sanitised between each visitor.

  • Staff will provide access at your request.

  • All coats and umbrellas must be left in the safe area.

  • Handbags only are allowed in the salon space, shopping must be left in the cloak hall (1 bag max).

  • We will avoid topics that evoke stress and ensure conversations between clients do not become heated.

  • We will provide you with as much or as little information surrounding our 'steps taken' that makes you feel safe and comfortable.

  • All staff will be equipped with training, up-to date information and PPE to ensure your visit is as low risk as possible.

  • Despite the precautions, we will endeavour to make your visit a break from the worlds troubles and offer light relief in the form of pampering and great customer service!

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